Placenta Encapsulation

What if after giving birth you could take capsules — made specifically for your body using your own natural hormones — designed to improve your mood, restore your energy, increase your milk production, and speed up your post-birth recovery?

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Grace Notes Doula Services now offers placenta encapsulation, a service which many say does just that.

When you birth your baby, you also birth your placenta, a powerful organ that has been the medium between you and your baby all this time. It has kept your baby nourished and protected for your entire pregnancy, translating what you’ve consumed into sustenance for your little one.

While the benefits of placenta consumption have not been evaluated by the FDA, most mammals consume their placentas after birth, and humans have been consuming (and burying, saving, and planting) their placentas for centuries. The Traditional Method of placenta encapsulation, which is what Grace Notes uses, is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.


The process of converting your placenta into capsules looks something like this:

Before the birth: Emma speaks with you about how to safely transport your placenta to your home. She then provides you with instructions for proper storage of your placenta once it is home.

After the birth: As soon as possible (ideally within 24-48 hours of returning home), Emma comes to your house to begin the process. She brings all of her own sanitized, high-grade equipment. You are welcome to watch if you would like (sometimes older siblings or other family members enjoy watching as well), or you can snuggle with your baby in another room while Emma does her thing quietly in the kitchen. Either way, when she leaves, your kitchen will be spotless and your house will smell like lemon and ginger. Your placenta will dehydrate overnight — all Emma needs from you is a sink, a stove, and an outlet.

The next day, Emma will return to finish the process. Again, you can be as involved or not involved as you would like. Emma will be in your home for approximately two hours each day. She encapsulates according to some of the highest standards in the industry, taking all precautions to eliminate any bacteria that may be harmful to mother or child.

While Emma is there, you can feel free to ask her any questions you have about the postpartum period. As a postpartum doula and placenta specialist, she is there to support you in whatever way you need. So if you want someone to grab you a snack while you’re nursing, chat with you while you hold your baby, or hold your baby while you take a shower, Emma is happy to help. She builds in a little extra time each day expressly for this purpose.

Emma will leave you with 75-200 capsules (depending on the size of your placenta) in a blue jar with a sheet of guidelines for consumption. She will also leave you with a cord keepsake and print of your placenta (included). For $35 extra, you can add in a placenta tincture.

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The cost of this service (without the tincture) is just $250.

Interested? For more information, fill out a contact form.

Emma is a trained, pre-certified Postpartum Placenta Specialist through ProDoula’s Placenta Prep program. She holds a current Bloodborne Pathogen Certification and is rigorous about upholding high standards for safe encapsulation and consumption. She is not a doctor or other medical professional.